IconEye Automated Application Understanding IconEye

First see what’s in it!

Audit report

  1. Supports
    • all legacy programming languages
    • including JCL and CICS
    • z/OS, z/VSE and BS2000
  2. Displays all relations between all S/W entities
    • both textual and graphical
  3. Determines code consistency
    • completeness, redundancy, lost source code
    • used system interfaces, callable services
  4. Show use of intrinsic functions and APIs
  5. Detailed assembler audit
    • use cases of system and user macros
    • self-modifying code, loop types, operand types etc.

After all the data has been generated…

… ITMS experts interpret and comment the data. They add specific sections like modernisation issues, risks, cost, special findings, a management summary and so forth.

Comprising analysis of
even very large and complex software landscapes

Short execution time
Fully automatic, hence less human errors

The analysis framework reads source code
in any language and compiler listing output
Comprehensive report,
including expert comments
and recommendations

Excellent tool to prepare and control
a modernisation or development project

Customizable reports and queries
Report is enriched by expert comments and advice.