Services Portfolio

There are many specialized tools for analysis or transformation,
but they are all far from achieving such a high integration level
as offered by the ITMS services portfolio.

  • In the real world every customer is different and uses a mix of varying technologies.
  • As a design principle, ITMS products were developed to cope elegantly with these diversities and the resulting complexity.

Any Input can be processed

  • Arbitrary languages (Cobol, Assembler, PL/I, Easytrieve, job control etc. etc.)
  • Multiple data management systems, e.g. classic files, VSAM, IMS/DB, IDMS, DB2, Oracle
  • All OLTP subsystems: CICS, IMS/TM, UTM e.a.

Any Target can be produced

  • The result of the transformation is wholly defined by you, the customer!
  • ITMS products are easily adjustable to any client requirements.

Providing any-to-any language transformation services - Offering a holistic approach to IT modernisation