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IT-M’s View on Software Processing

Ensuring Customer Value

  1. Minimize involvement of customer’s work force
  2. Planning security
    • Fixed price service contract
    • 12 months warranty on the converted code
  3. Transformed code is 100% functionally identical
  4. Low project risk
    • Preceding overall analysis identifies problems before the project even started
    • Automation of transformation process eliminates human errors
  5. ROI typically between 9 and 18 months
  6. No run-time routines, no 3rd party licenses

Advantage Through Technology

  1. Use leading edge code transformation technology
    • a generic framework allows for rapid development of transformation products
    • apply compiler theory paradigms
    • base all products on this framework
  2. Products are combined and extended forming fully automated Modernisation Factories
  3. Target code
    • well readable, well maintainable
    • uses up-to-date technologies and frameworks
    • tailored to customer’s standards
    • delivered as native code only, i.e. no run-time modules

Put customer value proposition first!

Deliver financial, operational and strategic advantages!

Avoid manual changes - enrich the tools instead!

"Use brains instead of busy hands!"