Software and Data Transformation

Functional Overview


How to divide the code into packages with a minimum of interfaces?

ITMS tools …

… allow creating suitable transformation packages easily.

… allow changing the package content per mouse-click.

… both within a graphical user interface.

Code Setup



  • individual per language
  • specialized for different compilers and O/S


  • expressed as rules and rulesets
  • supports system, subsystem interfaces, and system macros
  • covers user macros, copy books, and include files
  • extended to project specific third-party-products
  • convert everything to ITMS generalized
    intermediate language (GIL)

Intermediate Code

  • expresses business logic in ITMS generalized intermediate language
  • generated with respect to actual OLTP, file, and database usage

Intermediate Catalogs

  • filled in the analysis phase
  • contains the de facto used items
    • files
    • schema
    • tables
    • OLTP services
    • parameters
    • ...



  • expressed as rules and rulesets
  • extended to project specific third-party-products
  • translates GIL to the related target language
  • works with customizable templates for different
    application servers and compilers
  • applies customer coding style and conventions

Providing any-to-any language transformation services - Offering a holistic approach to IT modernisation