Automated Re-engineering

Optimization, Beautifying, and Preparation for Object-Orientation

Re-engineers the transformed code

  • Enhance readability
  • Remove old-world habits and features
  • Results in lower future maintenance cost
  • Increases acceptance by new-world developers

Re-engineering is an automated process
which keeps functionality 100% intact!

Maintenance cost reduction


  • Remove dead code and dead labels
  • Restructuring, e. g. replace IF-cascades by CASE structures
  • Remove Jump instructions („GO TO“)
  • Relocate code sequences into subroutines
  • Reorganize error handling
  • If applicable: position code for
  • OO-type target language
  • Establish uniform indentation and alignment
  • Introduce naming convention (Pascal or Camel casing or client standard)

Moving 3GL code towards OO-languages
without losing the original functionality