Data Transformation

Moving Data and Program Logic from Legacy to RDBMS


The data related analysis covers

  • complete software inventory (must include JCL)
  • consistency check
  • determine code and files which are subject to the project
  • generate and execute VSAM data validation programs to determine data field types within VSAM records
  • Create project blueprint and project recommendations
  • Agree on future architecture, model of operation and project details

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Project Execution

  • Create test environment
  • Generate converters for programs, data definitions, and data
  • Test converters
  • Build modernisation factory
  • Run factory on actual programs and data. Adjust converters where necessary.

    Repeat this step until the factory produces - without any manual
        intervention - a complete operational set of programs and RDBMS data

  • Perform final transformation
  • Roll-out to production on the O/S of your choice.

The analysis makes sure,
all relevant decisions are made
before the project starts.

The modernized programs and data
are deployed directly to the new platform, e.g. Linux.