Professional IT Modernisation Services

Holistic Approach

Preparation Phase

Automated analysis


Project Phase


Factory Setup

Transformation in packages or as a Big-Bang

12 months warranty after go live

Applying leading edge technology
in automated software processing.

All products are developed in our
own lab - customizable along project needs.

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German or in English

Recent Projects (2017)

Successful going live with 8 million lines of code

1,970 Assembler programs from z/OS
transformed to Java on RedHat Linux

Application with 4,800 programs
(Assembler, Cobol, JCL, SAS)
migrated to Java, Oracle and JSP on a WildFly.

Modernisation services are
carried out at a fixed price.

We combine the expertise of state-of-the-art
languages, platforms, and frameworks
with in-depth knowledge of legacy
languages, platforms, and systems.